Dismantler Wanted

Dismantler/Parts Puller Wanted

15-28/hr Based on experience.

Technician wanted to assist with dismantling vehicles at a family owned and operated automotive recycling facility. We are seeking applicants that have the ability to work in a fast paced atmosphere and dismantle vehicles in a safe and proficient manner. 

Job Summary

Vehicle Dismantler/Parts Puller –

Responsible for removing vehicle parts and cores while inspecting for condition and quality.

Essential Job Duties:

-Dismantle vehicles and retrieve parts in an efficient and safe manner.

-Tag and stock parts accurately

-Inspect all parts for condition and quality

-Must own and maintain tools necessary to perform job company does supply heavy equipment.


High School diploma or preferred but GED accepted with experience.


Must have a basic understanding of the function of each part of a vehicle. Must use hand tools, air tools, and torches experience working with hoist