Why You Need Your Color Code

There comes a time when every car owner would want to retouch the exterior paint of the vehicle. The paint may be faded in some parts, there could be a bit of chipped paint or scratches resulting from minor bumps and brushes or the whole car may need repainting if it is too old. To ensure the right paint is chosen, one would need the paint and trim code location. Every major brand has its own nomenclature to identify every trim it has rolled out and every color & shade of paint it has ever used. Here is a brief guide detailing the paint and trim code locations on various vehicles.


Honda paints and trim code Location is also in the driver side door jamb. In some models, the code could be on the firewall. The color code usually contains numbers, letters and dashes but it can have six or seven digits depending on the model and year of manufacture. Owners can also call their local Honda dealership with their vin to get the trim and color code.

Kia and Hyundai make it easy for vehicle owners to find paint color codes, because this auto manufacturer always puts paint code information in the same place. Look for your Kia paint code in the jamb of the driver’s side door. The paint color code will feature a couple of digits and may have numbers alone, or a number and a letter.

If you want to find a complete list of Kia and Hyundai Touch Up Paint colors, you should know that these lists are easy to access via the Web. If you have trouble finding your trim or paint color code, be sure to connect with Kia today, at: 1-800-333-4KIA (4542). Make sure you have your vehicles VIN number ready.

Paint color codes from Nissan are 3 digits in length and some are alpha-numerical. Sometimes, the paint code for a Nissan vehicle may feature a space and an extra digit. Don’t worry about the 4th digit if it’s there. You may omit it.

If you can’t locate the color code on your vehicle (now and then, labels do get removed), you’ll be able to get the color code directly from Nissan. The company has a toll-free hot line, which you may call at: 1-800-647-7261.

When you phone, a Nissan representative may request your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), so have it handy when you call. Nissan routinely gives out paint codes to Nissan owners. This means that you should have no trouble getting the code that you need from this auto manufacturer.

When you know your Subaru paint code, you’ll be able to find touch up paint which is exactly the same shade as what’s on your vehicle. To find the paint color code, look on the strut tower or check the door jamb or door edge. Color codes for Subarus usually feature three numbers. However, some paint color codes may be composed of numbers and letters.

If you have a two-tone Subaru, the data for both shades of paint should be included (upper body and lower bumper). Just bear in mind that your bumper color will never be your trim color.

Toyota paint and trim code location is the driver side door jamb. There’s lots of information on the strip. You must look for a three digit code at the bottom, usually below the barcode. The exterior color code is right next to the inscription that reads C/TR. The code usually contains numbers and letters. The Toyota paint and trim code location is the same for all its models, from Camry to Prius, 4Runner to Tundra. You may also call Toyota’s customer helpline on 1-800-331-4331 to get the exact color code of your model. You may also use an online search using the model name and year.

If you’re interested in buying touch up paint for your Volkswagen, you’ll need the official paint color code. Volkswagen typically puts its paint code locations inside of the trunks of its vehicles. You should find your own code beneath the lid of the trunk deck lid. It may also be beneath the mat, inside of the rear compartment or upon the wheel well of the spare tire.

This type of code usually measures two, three or four numbers in length. However, you may have a code which is combination of numbers and letters.


Chevrolet paint and trim code location is the service parts identification sticker. The sticker can be in the driver side door jamb, glove box, passenger door rear face, on spare tire cover, rear of middle console, under trunk lid, under the carpet on the trunk floor, rear face of right door or under driver seat. The paint code is alphanumeric, starting with BC/CC U, followed by a four digit number. In models that have two colors, there will be a separate code starting with L for the lower or bumper color. Owners can call Chevrolet customer service on 800-222-1020.

Paint codes on Dodge vehicles are usually found on the jambs of the “driver side” doors. Look for a label which is a safety certification. It should feature the paint code that you need. If you can’t find it there, you should reference a Dodge Paint Code Locations chart and look for your specific model.

In most cases, the paint code for a Dodge vehicle will have three digits and it will begin with the letter, “P”. It may have numbers and letters. Once you find the code, you’ll be able to access touch-up paint which is a perfect match for your vehicle.

Do you want to find the paint code for your Ford? If so, take a look on the door edge or door jamb for the driver’s side. You should find a color code which is comprised of a couple of digits. It may feature letters and numbers or may have numbers only.

If your code seems to be missing, your best strategy is to connect with the team at the Ford Motor Company. You may call the company toll-free, at: 1-800-392-3673. Once you supply Ford with your VIN, a company rep will be able to provide you with the trim/paint color code that you want. You’ll be able to find complete lists of paint colors for Ford vehicles online.